We welcome all groups for a one-hour educational tour to Hawthorn Hollow. We’ll explore the 12-acre arboretum of unique and stately trees, walk the trails of the Pike River Valley looking for wildflowers, birds, and wildlife, hike up to the original and restored prairies, then visit Hawthorn Hollow’s three historical buildings: the original 1847 One-Room Pike River Schoolhouse; the 1858 Somers Town Hall, and the 1906 Second Pike River Schoolhouse.

Learn about Ruth and Margaret Teuscher who bought this land in 1935 and had the foresight to protect it as a wildlife refuge.

Contact us to arrange a one-hour general tour.

$3.00 per person with a $30.00 minimum.

Troop Merit Badge Program: We offer a customized two-hour program to help your scouts meet the requirements of their nature-related merit badges. $5 per scout with a $50.00 minimum.