Heritage Farmstead Mission
To promote healthy eating in our community through demonstration of sustainable produce production and educational programs.

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2023 Heritage Farmstead Program

Heritage Farmstead Programs

Growing Healthy

The Growing Healthy program is an on-going collaborative educational project between Racine Unified School District (RUSD), The Eco-Justice Center of Racine, and Hawthorn Hollow, that focuses on advancing nutrition and science education for children. Hawthorn Hollow’s Heritage Farmstead hosts this opportunity for students to come explore gardens, make hands on discoveries about where their food comes from, and learn the importance of making healthy choices. Students are encouraged to harvest and try vegetables grown directly from the garden, instilling a deeper knowledge of where their food is sourced from through experience. These interactive learning activities encourage students to explore the role of food as energy for life, emphasizing core NGSS concepts with memorable hands-on experiences.

Organic Outreach

The Organic Outreach program employs high school and college students in sustainable, organic gardening and teaches them about the operations of a farm from seed, to harvest, to market. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in all of the different roles at The Heritage Farmstead. These students also participate in community outreach. Through sustainable farming, community involvement, and participating in fresh food markets this program seeks to empower youth with knowledge on how to grow their own food and how to make a difference in their community by increasing access to fresh food.

Organic Outreach Application - Open to High School students, email farm@hawthornhollow.org for other qualification requirements

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