All of This and Robins Too: Wisconsin’s Richness of Birds with Steve Betchkal

Friday, June 24th at 6pm

$5 per person, Registration is required

Birds add to the quality of our lives in so many ways: they’re colorful, they’re fascinating, they eat bugs, and they add music to our world. Wisconsin supports more than 400 species of wild birds, but how well do you know them? Bird expert Steve Betchkal explores some amazing facts about birds – from migration to anatomy, with a healthy dose of humor and conservation.


Wildflowers of the Season

With Hawthorn Hollow’s Restoration Ecologist, Lori Artiomow

May 14th, July 2nd, August 13th, Sepember 24th

$10 per person, Registration is required

Come take a walk with our wonderful restoration ecologist, Lori! She has been managing the property for over a decade and loves to share her knowledge of the land. Experience the changing of the seasons by exploring which native wildflowers are in bloom. Learn more about our native species and what they can tell us about the health of our ecosystems.