Hawthorn Hollow is currently offering seasonal adult and family classes. Attendance for these programs is limited to 10 during the pandemic. Registration is required 262-552-8196. 


September Programs

Owl Night Hike
9/18/20 – 7 pm $10 adult, $8 child (12 and under)
Join us on a guided hike through the forest to learn more about the owls that live here.

Fall Color Walk
9/25/20 – 6 pm $10 adult, $8 child (12 and under)
Come enjoy the colors of fall as the sun sets over Hawthorn Hollow.

Trellis Making Workshop
9/30/20 – 5-7 pm $35 per person
Trellising has been a longstanding garden tradition for both function and beauty. From the living corn stalk trellises used in a Three Sisters Garden with squash and pole beans to the cold metal tomato cages used in many of today’s gardens, the trellis is an essential garden structure for healthy plants that also bring aesthetic beauty to your landscape. Let your creative side run wild with willow branches and jute twine to design and construct your own custom garden trellis to incorporate into your garden at home. Trellis making materials and tools are provided as part of the registration fee for each participant to design and build their own garden trellis.

October Programs

The Pike at Night
10/9/20 – 6 pm $10 adult, $8 child (12 and under)
As the day changes into night, families will enjoy this guided hike along the Pike.

Forest at Night
10/23/20 – 6 pm $10 adult, $8 child (12 and under)
Explore Hawthorn Hollow as day changes to night and nocturnal animals become more active.

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