Friday (Nov. 20) 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Come out to the Schoolyard Observatory and observe the Moon in the evening sky, as it will guide you to Jupiter and Saturn, our solar system’s two biggest gas giant planets. Given clear skies, you can’t miss these bright worlds. The moon is the second-brightest celestial object, after the Sun, and Jupiter is exceptionally bright, too, outshining all the stars. As for Saturn, it’s as bright as the brightest stars. In addition, Jupiter and Saturn are noticeable now for their nearness to each other. They’re headed for a great conjunction before 2020 ends.

This event is weather-dependent and will be canceled by e-mail 24 hours before scheduled start time in the event of a cloud cover forecast greater than 30%.

Dress appropriately for being still in nighttime outdoor weather.

Purchase tickets here or call 262-552-8196.